Saturday, May 31

Thoughts on Creation: *** Here's what's come up in the last few days. There is a difference between the idea of being fallen and being cursed when we think of the beginning. I think I'm finding that humanity is both fallen and cursed. We have experienced a separation from the perfect communion with God which seemed to be present in the garden. We have also been cursed with various hardships, presumably, as a result of the activity of disobedience in the garden. Nature was also cursed, it seems (though there is compelling argument that the curse of nature is simply the fallen-ness of humanity and our subsequent affect on it). But nature's nature does not seem to be fallen. Not separated from God. We have ample biblical narrative to tell us that nature still obeys God's every command, unlike humanity. So it's difficult to discern what appears in nature: whether it's something out of order as a result of the affects of humanity on its state or whether it's still ordered perfectly to God's will. So I wonder, how do we look at nature's rhythms and patterns to know what proper order is? And even if nature isn't fallen or corrupt, is there a visible order and pattern to see which is worthy of study or emulation? Ive learned much more too but time runs short. More later.

Thursday, May 29

Danni, Rachel, Josh... waiting for the bus to Selbourn. It never came. Jane Austin's house in Chawton! Jane's Church. The front was built in the 11th century. Mrs. Elizabeth Austin and Cassandra's graves. (Jane's mum and sister) We walked a 100,000 miles today (i have a new favorite hatred... stinging nettles, i'll kill them all) and looked at the map only once, or twice or 82 times.
So we went to Jan'es house today. And it took 100 hours. And we had no idea it would. And we came back muddy and tired and sunburned and full of Strongbow Cider and English cany which we bought on the way home. Though we deserved it. So, that was nice. Umm... normal day here: Breakfast 8am, tea, work till 11, tea, work till 1, tea, lunch, tea, and discussion (yesterday was about nudism), tea, study till 4, tea, study till 630, dinner all together and discussion, lecture or nothing, tea, tea, tea, fires and more discussion. Come to think of it all we really ever do is drink tea and discuss. Drink tea!. There's lots of tea.


Was going to post some pictures of my room and the view but the internet access isn't very reliable and the pictures won't load. Maybe next time. I layed awake last night for hours with a very strange feeling. Somehow I felt that I shouldn't stay through to the end of the month. I'm having a great time, great people here. The house and country side are obviously lovely. I have amzing meals at the gignitic tables in these families homes each day. But there is something wrong. I felt quite strange, almost as if something might happen and I should be home sooner. At any rate, I'm leaving L'Abri couple weeks early. I'll be home on the 10th. I feel, not disppointed to go early, a bit confused but it just feels right and I guess I'm deciding to listen to that. Finished with the dramatic retelling of Creation courtesy of CS Lewis. It was enriching. Found several similarities as well as some key differences in the way we generally hear of creation. On to more boring, but just as stimulating readings I suppose. Lots of great conversations about it so far!! Everyone seems really interested once I begin to ask the questions out loud.

Wednesday, May 28


So here are the questions. If any of you happen to have figured them out, please, don’t hesitate to comment with the answers. What happened to nature (all none human creation) when humanity fell and was expelled from the Garden? How is, or, is nature responding to humanity because of this? What happened to the order which God created in the beginning because of the fall? Why does any of this matter? I have a suspicion that what happened to nature is not exactly the same as what happened to humanity. We have some literal Biblical witness which talks about the current state of nature and we have some narrative Biblical witness which points to this as well. I guess that’s where I’ll start. I have several books with me and the library here is full of books and lectures which I will sift through eventually. I think the most compelling way to go is to begin with the account of creation. There is Genesis, but perhaps other accounts as well: C. S. Lewis, The Magician’s Nephew, for example, the Psalms. I’ll give it a few days.

Monday, May 26

Made It.

I'm here at The Manor House. There are bout 10 students who have arrived today for the beginning of this term, which ends in August. Only three girls, so far. It took me two planes, two trains and two miles of walking. I met up with another student walking from the train station. Micheal, he's from the center of England. He is studying architecture. So we walked the soggy, muddy two miles together. It's lovely here. Most of you know hoe I love rain and clouds, so it's perfect weather right about now. We arrived with soaked pants and shoes and socks. A staff member promptly sat me down in front of the fireplace to dry out. Then I went to bed. Slept for a few hours. Dinner at the house next door. All at one big table. Four students from the US, one from Michigan, Kalamazoo, Anthony. More student arrive as the week goes by. ---- Dr. Haman asks the question, "On a scale of 1-10, how well do you feel you're beginning this new journey?" I think about an 8. It's so remarkably beautiful here, it's like a fairytale. We went for a walk down Church Lane. It was like a movie. Everything looks like The Holiday. We are taking coffee in the sitting room now. I'll stop in for awhile and then probably get back to bed. Still feeling congested and not 100%.

Sunday, May 25

I'm here in Cincinnati. Here's what it looks like. (isn't technology great?) If I hear the woman in the ceiling say "Caution. The moving walkway is ending." just one more time, I don't think I'll make it. I better find a new spot to wait. I can't check in to get my seat untill an hour before the flight. And that's 3 hours from now. It will be terribly unfortunate if I have to be stuck in the middle of a row. 9 hour flight and all. So I have time to kill, sleeping to do and yes, I can't help it, I'm going to watch the Grey's Finale while I wait.
Sister and Roommate... thanks for the ride. I won't miss the Calder.
Not my plane. But one like it.